Proper Field Care of Your Trophy

To help you get the best mount possible be sure to protect and preserve your specimen. Of course the best thing would be to bring it to me as soon as you can, but I know that is not always possible. Please call us for skinning instructions.

  • Take care not to damage the hide of your game.
  • If you have to drag your big game, place something under it to protect the fur and hide.
  • Do not vacuum seal anything.
  • If you are having your game processed tell your meat processor that you are planning on having your game mounted.
  • Keep in mind field dressing techniques vary depending on whether you want a shoulder mount or life sized mount.
  • Shoulder mounts require a cape cut and most taxidermists prefer to receive undressed game for a life sized mount.
  • Small mammals and fowl should not be field dressed. Take care not to damage the delicate features of small mammals and take care not to bend or break the feathers of birds.
  • Temperatures less than 42 degrees are recommended for preparing your game for the freezer.
Field care tips from Re-Creations Taxidermy in West Virginia
  • Clean your game of blood and debris before freezing and be sure to wrap your game or place in plastic bags to prevent freezer burn.
  • Fish that are catch and release should be photographed and measured for length and girth.
  • Non catch and release fish should be photographed and should not be cleaned.
  • Photographs are important because fish lose their color very quickly.
  • Wrap the fish in wet paper towels being careful not to bend or fold structures, put them carefully in a plastic bag and place them flat in the freezer.

If you are planning a hunting or fishing trip and would like some additional tips on preserving your game or would like to utilize my taxidermy services give me a call at Re-Creations Taxidermy Studio 304-591-5024.